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Studio's Logo redesign


Due to the development of a new studio's website design we decided to develop a new logo. Start with pencil-sketches:

Sketches for the future studio's logo:

So far everything is wrong,  keep drawing:

Sketches for the future studio's logo

We are going around the idea with pencil. There are some more sketches:

Sketches for the future studio's logo

We Begin to digitize the logo ideas:

Sketching variants. Designer suggests using a circle with gradient and pencil:

Use this variant and sketch these ideas:

This variant was not entirely successful. We're going back to the old version of the logo, giving it a gloss, adding gradients and shadows. We create a new and trendy logo.Before it was like that:

New and final studio's logo:


ew and final studio's logo

Working on corporate identity.

Production of the studio's logo:

Pavel Saik — project management

Andrey Prokopenko — design

Предыдущая работа"NP Brew" logo design

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