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Logo for "Megacon" Company


Customer assigned an unconventional task to draw up logotype using photos of glassware. It is noteworthy that the figure is made by a master from Czech Republic. He is 80 years old at the moment.

Customer sends pictures:

Pictures of a glass figure

One more

Pictures of a glass figure

Getting started designing a logo and overall corporate identity. Scratch head over how to attain a glass effect.


Customer likes the bottom row. We take it and make a black and white copy for printing and faxes.


The customer is satisfied. Requests to use the best effect of Latin letter g. We made it like a snake, what the customer asked for.


We provide customer four versions of the logo. Two colored, two black and white. Customer is satisfied, he did not expect that we could realize his idea so good and quickly.

Final version

See how this logo will look on different materials:

Logo on different materials

Logo on different materials

Logo on different materials

Production of the logo for ”MEGACON” company:

Pavel Saik — project management

Andrey Prokopenko — design

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