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Website for "inVue" Company


Before getting started we have to understand at first what the company does. The range of the company includes: security systems for shops, locks and anti-theft system. For example, the lock:

“inVue” company's products:

Or, for example, protection of open display:

Open display

So we choose an idea for the future site and begin to draw an illustration for the main page. The first sketches:

illustration for the “inVue” main page

Customer requests to fix several bugs, we make changes. After several iterations, the customer accepts the illustration. Illustration for “inVue” main page:

Final illustration for  “inVue” main page:

We befing to design the website. Main page:

“inVue” main page

Catalog page:

“inVue” main page

Product page. Option №1:

“inVue” main page

Product page. Option №2. There will be both variants in work because there is a different content:

“inVue” main page

Contact page. Just have a look:

“inVue” main page

Link to the page:

Production of “inVue” Company website:

Pavel Saik — project management, layout

Andrey Prokopenko — illustrations design

Artyom А.— website design

Gennadii Alfiorov — development

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